The Untamed are created from the body of Pan Gu, intelligent and free-willing beings gifted with an inherent understanding of the land, and embodying peace and freedom. Untamed men are imbued with great strength and power, Barbarians capable of taking a beating and protecting others. Untamed women develop their connection to the Perfect World, Venomancers that tame animals and bring elemental Wood poisons and attacks against their enemies. Both Barbarians and Venomancers may gain the ability to transform into quadrupedal animals -- a white tiger and a fox, respectively -- at level 9.

History Edit

The Untamed have several outlying towns bordering on the lands of the Winged Elves, and this has lead to conflict in the past. After a lesser flood devastated the Untamed population but left the Winged Elves largely intact, the Untamed were even enslaved for a short time before an Untamed hero gave his life fighting off the Winged Elves. Despite this, the Untamed appear to distrust and be distrusted humans as well, and remained neutral during the War of Heaven's Tear.

Villages Edit

All untamed start at the Northern Pass, where they must kill ten monsters as their first quest. Then they must report to the quest-giving NPC, and receive the quest which tells them to go to their main village, City of the Lost.