Step 1

  • Speak to Mangmang the Taoist (322, 421)
  • Cultivation Acknowledgement

Step 2

  • Speak to the Winged Elf Recluse (319, 330)
  • Kill 9 Emaciated Traitor (Location: Hop/Fly to the other side of the hill (Heading east) of where the Elf Hermit is. Skeletons are scattered on top of the mountain there and down the mountain-side as well)

Step 3

  • Report to the Winged Elf Recluse (319, 330)
  • Celestone of Heaven/Human/Earth: 1 (Random)
  • Chi Bar added (Chi is stored up via attacks/use of skills. Certain skills require vigour in order to be activated. In the case of an elf priest, for example, this skill would be Plume Shield)
  • Reward (SP: 3000 Rep: 10)