1. Speak to Director Tsan.
2. Report back to Director Tsan.

Obtained from

Director Tsan



"Ogre Sprouts and Verdant Qingfus have been out of control in this area. Kill 10 of one or the other and report back to me for your reward. They are very weak, but can still be troublesome for new adventurers such as yourself. You can find your way back to me either by locating me on the mini-map or by clicking on the quest in your quest log, making sure the Tag NPC Location box is checked, then following the large yellow arrow. Now choose which monster you will kill."

Reward Dialogue

"I've never doubted your capabilities, but this time you have exceeded my expectations. This wand is my present to you. You can go to Plume City now. In the city you will need to meet Guard Ling. I heard that the Heptastral Beetles outside the city are causing a lot of trouble. You will need to kill 10 of them to prove your mettle to Guard Ling. Head west from here and turn sout at the intersection to get to Plume City. Flying south with your wings is also a good choice."