Summary Edit

The Desert of Echos is a very small region south of the City of Lost. It is home to many wraiths and monsters. You can also find the Broken Bridge Village, Wolf Totem Valley, and The creeping River. If the player is an untamed class, they must cross it to get to broken bridge village and wolf totem valley.

List of Monsters Edit

1. Jaden Elfire lv. 6

2.Wandering Boa lv. 6

3. Skeletal Archer lv. 6

4. Plainswalker Rhinodrake lv. 7

5. Plainswalker Tuskmoor lv. 8

6. Wandering Snake King lv. 7

7. Tauroc Angler lv. 7

8. Short Tooth Kitten lv. 5

9. Roaming Pyrogoth lv. 9

10. Highlands tortoise lv. 8

11. Sable Minikii lv. 5

12. Abnormal Cactopod lv. 7